featured 04, May 2017 06:36pm
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Rohit Sharma, Hublot's "Friend of the Brand"

Leading the IPL season this year with the Mumbai Indians, Rohit Sharma, talks about his association with Hublot in an exclusive tête-à-tête with WatchTime India. Excerpts from the interview:

WTI: It's been a year since you signed the contract with Hublot. How has the journey been so far?

RS: It's been brilliant. I've always been a watch fanatic and watches have always been my passion, so starting the association on my birthday last year made it even more special for me. I have to say, the journey has been very fruitful since then. We've shared a lot of good experiences together - the best one being when Hublot invited me to Paris for the European League.

We're planning many more events together in the coming months. Of course, it is difficult to find time with the constant traveling we do for our cricket matches, but it's only been a year, and you'll hear from Hublot and me very soon on the schedule for this year. 

WTI: What drew you to watches in the first place?

RS: A watch, for me, is something which makes a statement, and gives a certain identity to your personality. For me, personally, I've always made it a point to associate with the best, and Hublot is one of the best watch brands.

WTI: Hublot introduced a myriad of novelties this year. Do you have a favorite?

RS: My favorite has always been the All Black. I'm a big fan of black watches. More than the design, it's the mechanical movement of a watch that I find most attractive.

WTI: So it's safe to say, you prefer a watch's mechanics over its aesthetics?

RS: See everything is important, when you create a watch. From the working of each and every component of a timepiece, to how it looks on the outside as well, every little detail is important. But, it's the mechanism that makes the watch what it is.

It's the same in cricket. Our techniques make us the batsman we are. Similarly, it's the mechanism which makes a good watch.

WTI: Lastly, how does the Hublot “Art of Fusion” concept, translate into your personality?

RS: I believe our personalities complement each other really well. Hublot is a very classy brand, and that's what I want my game to portray when I step put on the field as well. We work really well together.

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