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Power Play: 70 Years of Ferrari

Commemorating the 70th year of Ferrari with the new Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph collection during Baselworld 2017, discover some of the milestones from the Hublot-Ferrari partnership!

The year was 1947. The first engine 125S under the “prancing horse” had been revved up by Mr. Enzo Ferrari, thereby giving birth to the legendary fleet of Ferraris that rule the racetracks world over.

Now, 70 years later, the brand celebrates its anniversary with “Drive by Emotion” - a tribute to the pillars of tradition and innovation, that Ferrari has been built on.

When one talks of race cars, that too a Ferrari, there are two things that make the car legendary - timing and precision. To complement the synergies of its Italian aesthetics and technical supremacy, Ferrari joined hands with Swiss watchmaker Hublot in 2011.

As the official timekeeper for all Ferrari events across the world, Hublot boasts of a long, and fruitful partnership with the brand. Known for its big, bold and chunky timepieces, the watchmaker stunned the world with its first Ferrari watch modeled around the Ferrari 250 GTO Série Limitée, in 2012. Launched during the 50th anniversary of the 250 GTO, Hublot matched the exclusivity of the limited edition car with a design which evoked the shape of its wheel rim – an in-house manufactured skeleton tourbillon movement, with the barrel drum located at 12 o'clock.

All the timepieces developed in collaboration with Ferrari, come equipped with the watchmakers in-house Unico movement. The LaFerrari collection is a special tribute to the powerful engine, and was developed by Hublot’s design workshop engineers and watchmakers, in sync with the car. From 2011 until now, Hublot has produced various timepieces highlighting the various stages of their partnership over the years. Here is a look at the milestones of this unusual collaboration:

The Big Bang Tourbillon Ferrari, 2011

Launched during the 20th anniversary of the first Ferrari in China. Limited to 20 pieces. Comes with a single push-piece chrono movement with a flying tourbillon.

The Ferrari 250 GTO Série Limitée, 2012

Launched during the 50th anniversary of the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO, and redesigned and rounded out to mimic the curves of the 250 GTO.


The Big Bang Magic Gold and Titanium, 2012

The first watch designed in partnership with Ferrari, incorporating Magic Gold – the product of the extensive R&D of Hublot. The concept was even extended to the presentation case for each watch.


The Big Bang Ferrari 2013 watches - "Red Magic Carbon", King Gold Carbon, & Ceramic, 2013

The new symbol of the brand's progress towards verticalisation, with its case and its movement designed, developed, and produced entirely at the Hublot manufacture.



MP-05 LaFerrari, 2013

With a total of 637 components and a 50-day power reserve - all developed and produced at the Hublot manufacture – the LaFerrari set the world record for a hand-wound tourbillon timepiece.

The Big Bang Ferrari 2014 watches – Titanium Carbon, King Gold, and Ceramic Carbon, 2014

All of them are equipped with the UNICO movement designed, developed, and produced entirely at the Hublot manufacture, the new symbol of the brand’s progress towards verticalisation.


The Big Bang Ferrari 2015 watches – Carbon King Gold and Carbon Titanium, 2015

By combining two components which are difficult to mix – carbon and metal – Hublot launched an exclusive bezel with a heterogeneous look in 2015


Big Bang Ferrari Tourbillon Mexico, a tribute to Scuderia Ferrari, 2015

To reinforce the symbolic nature of these 10 pieces, each watch was accompanied by a piston from the victorious car and a full size replica of the helmet worn by Sebastian Vettel, bearing his autograph.

MP-05 LaFerrari Sapphire, 2016

While the original design of the MP-05 “LaFerrari” was created to show off the beauty of its movement, its alter ego – with its case carved out of sapphire – is a movement which appears to be literally suspended in mid-air. All the details of this record-breaking movement can be admired from all angles.

Techframe Ferrari 70 Years Tourbillon Chronograph, 2017

Conceived with the same approach used in designing a car, Hublot and Ferrari commemorated 70 years of the Italian race-car brand, with a new original collection. Available in three versions: King Gold, PEK Carbon, and Titanium.


Stay tune for more detailed exclusive updates on the novelties for this year!

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