Video Gallery 27, Aug 2018 02:41pm
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50 Years of Christie's

Christie's Auction House celebrates its half-century in Switzerland with this exclusive video showcasing 50 of their top lots in the past 50 years.

It was the year 1968, when Christie's first opened its doors in Geneva as a focal pint for the auctions of fine art, jewels, timepieces, wine, silver, and automobiles. A decade later saw Zurich welcoming the specialists working with a dedicated network of Swiss clients.

The last 50 years have seen some rather outstanding lots which were either consigned by or offered at the auction house in Switzerland. Some of these included a 200-year-old enamel, gold and diamond-encrusted pocket watch which was once owned by the French empress Josephine Bonaparte and the most recent King Farouk Patek Philippe reference 1518 which was commissioned by the Egyptian ruler between 1936 and 1952 and carries the royal insignia.

Play the video to view the list of the top 50 lots which have added to the exclusivity that is Christie's.

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