Video Gallery 27, Jun 2017 01:17pm
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The Horological Jellyfish: MB&F's Aquapod

Concept Laboratory MB&F introduces the organic jellyfish-inspired Horological Machine No.7, aka the HM7 Aquapod. Click on the video to view the "jellyfish."

With a complete biomorphic architecture style, the Aquapod, aka the horological jellyfish, encapsulates a highly mechanical architecture within its jellyfish inspired body. The indications radiate from the centre which encases the flying tourbillon heart of the concentric vertical movement. The power for the HM7 is generated from the tentacle-like automatic winding rotor, similar to how the jellyfish generates power from the food stuck in its tentacles.

While the HM7 is not a diver's watch, it still resonates some of the features which all aquatic watches possess: a unidirectional rotating bezel. What sets the bezel apart is the fact that it isn't attached to the case, but floats like a life buoy once detached.

The in-house developed HM7 engines boasts of a 72-hour power reserve, and consists of 303 components. The spherically three-dimensional mechanisms rotate concentrically around the centre. This includes the winding rotor at the bottom, the mainspring barrel and hours and minutes display, and lastly, the flying tourbillon right on top. Energy travels from the rotor at the very bottom of the movement to the flying tourbillon regulator at the very top via gearing acting like a series of stairs, allowing power to transition from one level to the next.

Like the jellyfish, the Aquapod also glows in the dark in all the right places: the hour and minute numerals, the inside of the movement to light the flying tourbillon up, as well as along the tentacle-like winding rotor.

The horological instrument is available in two limited edition versions: grade 5 titanium with blue bezel limited to 33 pieces; and the 18K 5N+ red gold with black bezel, limited to 66 pieces.


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