Video Gallery 21, Feb 2018 04:55pm
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MB&F's Pre-Basel Surprise

MB&F launches the Legacy Machine Perpetual in Titanium with a green-blue face, a month before Baselworld 2018.

Launched first in 2015, the Legacy Machine Perpetual is a reinvention of one of the most traditional of horological complications – the perpetual calendar – carried out by the independent Irish watchmaker Stephen McDonnell.

Featuring a fully-integrated 581-component calibre, the LM Perpetual comes equipped with a revolutionary new method for calculating the number of days in each month. The yet to be patented method includes the use of a “mechanical processor”. This aids the timepiece in turning the traditional perpetual calendar system on its head instead of using the grand levier (big lever) architecture. The mechanical processor adds extra days to the default 28-day month as and when required. This means that each month will always have the exact number of days required without fast-forwarding or skipping the redundant days, as is done in the space-consuming traditional perpetual calendar mechanism, thereby eliminating the problem of date-jumping. The leap year can also be easily set using a dedicated quickset pusher.

The open dial reveals the full complication and suspended balance, with the subdials seemingly “floating” above the movement with no visible attachments. The Legacy Machine Perpetual titanium with green face is limited to 50 pieces.


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