Video Gallery 30, Aug 2018 11:56am
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A Transformer Roboclock

MB&F and L’Epée 1839 present a Mad-Max-cross-Transformer robot clock on a mission – the first transformer roboclock – Grant.

A robot with a time display, Grant is the newest collaboration between L’Epée 1839 and MB&F. A cross between a tank and a transformer, the automaton features a large clock face on its back, forming a shield and rests on three tank-style treads allowing it to stay upright, crouch at an angle of 45 degrees or even lay flat on your desk.

Grant's 268-component-clockwork is a sight to behold – particularly the mainspring barrel click near his “belly button” region. You can follow each and every turn and click of the gears, as the isochronal oscillations of the regulator in his glass-domed “brain” keeps time with high precision. The regulator – consisting of the balance and escapement – features an Incabloc shock protection system to minimise the risk of damage when the clock is moved or transported – a feature which is unusual in clocks since they are generally stationary.

The 8-day movement desk roboclock is available in three colours – black, blue and nickel accents – limited to 50 pieces each, and is priced at CHF 22,000. Watch the video to watch Grant in full action.

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