BOVET 1822 Pours Some Sugar on Miss Audrey

Straight from the House of BOVET 1822 comes the all new Miss Audrey Sweet Art featuring a special dial made from pure sugar!

When it comes to first impressions, there is not much argument in the fact that the dial is one of the first things a person notices on a watch. The dial is the face of the watch, a window into its world which usually forms the basis of any further interest in the part of the customer or wearer. Throughout the history of watchmaking, this notion of making the dial attractive has been followed. This has led to many brands trying new and innovative ways to attract the attention of potential buyers. We have witnessed the steady and evolving use of unique materials, inculcation of avant-garde designs and artwork like miniature painting, enamelling, guilloche, and engraving processes being used on the dial of a watch.

With 200 years of history, BOVET 1822 has moved through time using various techniques and measures to ensure satisfaction when it comes to the dial of its watches. Keeping up with this tradition, the Maison launches the Miss Audrey Sweet Art for 2021. This timepieces uses a completely new material and process in creating its dial that has never been done in the history of watchmaking. BOVET uses pure sugar or sugar crystals to create the dial of the Miss Audrey Sweet Art.

Conceptualised by Pascal Raff, owner of the House of BOVET for the last 20 years, the Miss Audrey Sweet Art takes a simple material like sugar and transforms it into a mesmerising dial that captures the sweetness and purity of a child. “"To celebrate women everywhere, BOVET is introducing the Miss Audrey Sweet Art with a very special dial made from pure sugar, something which has never been done in the long history of watchmaking," says Pascal Raffy "This patented process, which will not degrade over time or even in extremes of temperature, is very artisanal.”

With this timepiece, BOVET not also uses a unique material for the dial but also introduces a new and complex method of achieving such a feat.

How Is It Made?

The beginning of the process involves the pure crystals to be prepared in such a manner that its structure does not change when it exposed to light or heat as sugar usually does. Once this is ensured, the crystals are chosen or bifurcated according to their size and then painted in accordance to the design requirement of the watch.

Once organised, the sugar crystals are painstakingly hand-applied to the dial by the expert miniature painting artisans at BOVET. Due to the artisanal and hand-made nature of the crystals, each dial that comes out of the complete production process is unique.

The BOVET Miss Audrey Sweet Art is available in a number of colours ranging of solid hues to ombre versions as well. Apart from the mixture of texture and sparkle that the sugar crystals provide to the dial, the specially crafted hands of the Sweet Art adds a romantic and whimsical feel to the overall watch.

The BOVET Miss Audrey Sweet Art is available in three dial colour gradients; blue, green pink and grey. Like the 2020 Miss Audrey model which won the Ladies' Watch category of the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève 2020(the watchmaking Oscars), the 2021 Miss Audrey Sweet Art is set with the 36mm Fleurier Amadéo® convertible case in stainless-steel and diamond-set bow and bezel. This allows the watch to be transformed into a wristwatch, table clock, or pendant all without the use of any tool.

Powered by the 11BA15 automatic movement with 42 hours of power reserve, the watch comes strapped to a full-grain alligator leather strap.

The price of the BOVET 1822 Miss Audrey Sweet Art is INR 20.21 lakh (approx.) For more details, visit www.bovet.com. 


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