Photo Gallery 12, Jan 2018 12:58pm
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MB&F's Kinetic Upgrade

MB&F's Kinetic Upgrade

Swiss artist Ralfonso steps up the kinetic art game at the MB&F MAD Gallery in Geneva with his environmentally interactive art pieces which go beyond just the three-dimensional shape.

My work has the added element of time and change-over-time - so it goes beyond just a three- dimensional shape


A perfect example of an environmentally interactive art piece is Ralfonso’s monumental 10-meter tall Dance with the Wind, which was commissioned for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. This sculpture undulates with the gentlest breeze or the strongest winds to produce a poetic, yet unpredictable dance. The wind triggers a stack of five balls by pushing a flat, round disk at the top of the vertical composition, which is counterbalanced by a weighted sphere at the base. Mirror-polished stainless steel enhances the viewer’s experience, its reflective qualities revealing its surroundings shimmering in the sun. A smaller collector version standing 100 cm tall and limited to 15 pieces engages spectators with its hypnotic sway.

Dance With The Wind

Ralfonso masters kinetic sculpture with unparalleled imagination and an exceptional ability to set art into motion. These unique talents shine through in KARO, a German word for rhombus, a geometric diamond shape. Closer inspection of this 120 cm tall artwork, limited to just 10 pieces, reveals 16 self-balancing diamond-shaped elements forming an even larger rhombus. The striking, clean lines come to life with the slightest breeze or touch of the hand, moving each rhombus back and forth in an unlimited combination of patterns.


Another artwork in the exhibition is the slowly tilting EXclamation – an exclamation point that looks as though it should fall over and stay down, but doesn't, thanks to a clever weight system bringing it upright. Imagine these striking sculptural constructions or other brilliant works by Ralfonso moving in harmony with the trees in a garden or swaying in the breeze on a rooftop terrace. Standing 80 cm tall, EXclamation is a limited edition of 33 pieces.

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