news 24, Oct 2018 12:14pm
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Gift a Lapis Bard

The perfect gift for someone who loves watches, you ask? A Lapis Bard all-in-one watch and accessories case.

There are very few accessories in the world which are guaranteed to make any man dig in his heels, and make them his. Most of the most coveted ones hail from the world of fine watchmaking. Lapis Bard has taken into account this fetish to introduce to the world their aristocratically-designed Watch and Accessories case for men.

Crafted from natural wood, the vase features soft suede interiors, a high gloss piano finish and a glass window. There are two tiers to the case – the top tier can house up to eight timepieces, while the bottom tier acts as a drawer for other accessories like pens, ties, tie-pins, cuff links etc. The case is complete with the British brand's iconic emblem in front.

The Lapis Bard Watch and Accessories case is prices at Rs. 13,995 and is available online at

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