news 18, Aug 2021 12:55pm
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Lily Collins is the face of Cartier's Clash [Un]Limited Collection

The “Emily In Paris” star joins Cartier as the new face of the Maison's Clash [Un]Limited Collection

When it comes to Cartier's Clash [Un]Limited Collection, there is no doubt that it is an amalgamation of bold jewellery pieces. These include “mitten” watches, pocket gems, two-finger rings, stacked rings, ear jewellery, clips to be worn inside or along the ear or reversible bracelets and necklaces. These make a statement and who better to present this to the world than the talented and fierce Golden Globe nominated actress Lily Collins.

Among the many jewellery pieces presented for Cartier's Clash [Un]Limited Collection, the one that made us stop was the “mitten” watch. Like the name suggests, the watch looks exactly as it sounds.

Remarkably supple and sensual to look at, the “mitten” watch links the art of jewellery, fashion and watchmaking. The watch is made of a rose gold mesh set with a constellation of diamonds surrounding a Baignoire Allongée watch hemmed with studs. To simply state that the watch is “stunning” is an understatement!

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