Video Gallery 29, Nov 2017 03:28pm
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The MB&F M.A.D. Gallery welcomes Nils Völker

Known for their love for mechanical and kinetic art, the M.A.D. Gallery welcomes the German artist Nils Völker.

MB&F has seen it all, and they're still hungry for more. From mechanical art echoing through their horological instruments to the kinetic art pieces on display at their M.A.D. Galleries in Geneva, Taipei and Dubai, the brand recently welcomed a German artist talented in choreographed motion - Nils Völker.

Exhibiting his “Fuchsia, Orange & Royal Blue”, Völker excels at transforming everyday items from plastic bags to children’s toys into artful compositions. Each work is brought to life as if it breathes or dances using electronics and programming to direct a perfectly choreographed performance. The “Fuchsia, Orange & Royal Blue” exhibition features three animated works of art, each performing an entrancing show as the decorative honeycombs spin, fold, and unfold with choreographed precision similar to an Olympic synchronized swimming team.

Interestingly, the only sound from the structure comes from the crinkling of the origami-esque paper décor. “One reason I wanted to make the motors so quiet is to make people forget about how the piece works and just enjoy the beauty of when it is running,” Völker reveals.

Click on the video to view the masterpiece on display.


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