De Bethune's showcases the new 'Sensoriel Chronometry Project'

This new audacious project will offer its customers the opportunity to first wear a test watch that will be equipped with multiple sensors, which will record the wearer's ecosystem and specific behaviours before the actual watch is purchased.
Customisation has been a mainstay in watchmaking for centuries. Limited editions and one-of-a-kind watches are quite desirable, but there is nothing like wearing a watch that truly bears an individual's details. Now, taking the world of customised timepieces to a whole new level is De Bethune, which, through its Sensoriel Chronometry Project is offering customers a test watch equipped with sensors to record their ecosystem and specific behaviours. The first of its kind is an electronic watch with sensors that would keep track of and monitor the owner's movements. Based on this information, a customised DB28GS Grand Bleu timepiece would be created.

De Bethune has built a robot arm inside its Manufacture in L'Auberson. that will receive all the data collected by the test watch's sensors and be able to recreate the wearer's movements in their specific environment.

Two weeks are sufficient for the test watch to garner all the data required that would enable the De Bethune Chronometry Workshop in Switzerland to analyse and make a comprehensive plan for the wearer and, thus, adjust the timepiece that would be made for the owner. This fate couldn't be possible without a robotic arm, built inside its manufacturing facility in L'Auberson. This arm is installed in an atmospheric chamber that will receive data collaterally from the test watch's sensors.

De Bethune will offer its clientele a test watch that will be equipped with sensors and record their ecosystem and specific behaviours when they buy their DB28GS Grand Bleu timepiece.

Customisation here is not restricted to just the watch; each watch that would leave the workshop would carry a report with all the data and the adjustments made. It is estimated that around 2,000,000 pieces of information per hour would be provided to the De Bethune Chronometry Workshop. Wearers will only have to wear the test watch in the same conditions as they would wear their regular watch on an everyday basis and recharge it on a simple charging station or using a classic USB cable.

De Bethune chooses a practical approach rather than a theoretical one.

Taking the world of customisations to a whole new level, where most timepiece makers do not consider the daily environment of a watch, De Bethune chooses a practical approach rather than a theoretical one.

Images: Courtesy De Bethune

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