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GPHG 2018 Jury

GPHG 2018 Jury

Here's a list of the jury for this year's GPHG.

Expert in collector's watches, Co-Founder and Partner with Phillips in Association with Bacs & Russo / Switzerland

GPHG President Aurel Bacs

Consultant and trainer in watchmaking / Switzerland

GPHG Vice-President Gianfranco Ritschel

Publisher and editor-in-chief of Tiempo de Relojes and director of the Salon Internacional Alta Relojeria / Mexico

GPHG Jury Member Carlos Alonso

Collector, trainer, Head of Mission of FHH in Asia / China

GPHG Jury Member Carson Chan

President of Arije International / France

GPHG Jury Member Carla Chalouhi

Founder of Watchina and director of Beijing Collectors' Association / China

GPHG Jury Member David Chang

Collector, watch creator, historian / Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Sébastien Chaulmontet

Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Quill & Pad, specialized watch journalist / Germany – USA

GPHG Jury Member Elizabeth Doerr

Independent watchmaker / Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Philippe Dufour

Editor-in-chief of Hodinkee / USA

GPHG Jury Member Jack Forster

Historian, author, contributor to the Financial Times / United Kingdom

GPHG Jury Member Nick Foulkes

Watch collector, photographer and writer/ USA

GPHG Jury Member Gary Getz

Editor-in-chief of L’Orologio / Italy

GPHG Jury Member Dody Giussani

Independent watchmaker / Switzerland – France

GPHG Jury Member François-Paul Journe

Publisher, journalist and trainer / South Korea

GPHG Jury Member Heekyung Jung

Watchmaker of Musée international d’horlogerie (MIH) / Japan – Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Masaki Kanazawa

Watch collector, vintage watch expert / USA – Taiwan

GPHG Jury Member Eric Ku

Watchmaking communication expert / Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Marine Lemonnier

Editor-in-chief of Europa Star and filmmaker / Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Pierre Maillard

Collector, tennis player / France

GPHG Jury Member Gaël Monfils

Actor, film director / Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Vincent Perez

Collector, managing director of / USA

GPHG Jury Member William Rohr

Vice-chairman of Seddiqi Holding / Dubai

GPHG Jury Member Abdul Hamied Seddiqi

Collector, gemmologist, jeweller / Lebanon

GPHG Jury Member Claude Sfeir

Watchmaking expert and teacher, publisher, bookseller / Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Antoine Simonin

Watchmaker, co-founding director of Struthers Watchmakers / United Kingdom

GPHG Jury Member Rebecca Struthers

Co-group managing director of The Hour Glass / Singapour

GPHG Jury Member Michael Tay

Owner and personally liable partner of the Gerhard D. Wempe KG based in Hamburg / Germany

GPHG Jury Member Kim-Eva Wempe

Editor-at-large of Revolution Asia / Singapore - Switzerland

GPHG Jury Member Suzanne Wong

Co-president of Chopard, the brand that won the 2017 "Aiguille d'Or" Grand Prix, out of competition in 2018. By way of reminder: the brand that wins the "Aiguille d'Or" Grand Prix is automatically ineligible for the competition the following year, and its founder or CEO is invited to sit on the jury for one year.

GPHG Jury Member Karl-Friedrich Scheufele

Holder of a doctorate in history, curator-director of the MIH, Musée International d’Horlogerie, La Chaux-de-Fonds

GPHG Jury Commissioner Régis Huguenin-Dumittan
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