Video Gallery 05, Feb 2019 11:29am
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Tracing Time with JWC

WatchTime India traces the making of the unique coin watch inspired by Lord Shiva – the Timeless Time. Video and image credits: Bhanu Prakash Chandra.

Among the numerous coins issued during Kanishka’s era (which was almost 1900 years ago), two coins have made their way to an auction house. “During all this time, this particular coin has come up at an auction just twice. Only two of these are available in the world; one was brought to the public by the Rajgor’s Auctions of Coins, Antiques, Paintings, Art and Jewellery, and is with us, while the other, as [numismatist] Joe Cribb records, is at the London British Museum,” says Gaurav Mehta, Founder of Jaipur Watch company, who has used the coin to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

WatchTime India traced the making of this exquisite coin watch—the Timeless Time—with Mehta at his workshop in Bengaluru in this exclusive video.

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