Video Gallery 12, Aug 2019 12:55pm
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Freak NeXt

Keeping innovation alive at Ulysse Naridn with the Freak NeXt.

If 2001 saw the very first Freak by Ulysse Nardin, this year saw them reveal their new prototype, the Freak NeXt concept watch with a new 3D flying oscillator. Innovation has always maintained a consistent streak throughout the DNA of the Freak collection since the beginning when they revolutionised the industry by using silicon components in the original Freak in 2001.

The latest Freak NeXt concept watch unveils a flying oscillator from the brand's “laboratory on the wrist” initiative. The 3D design of the component comprises of four layer of blades and another solid layer which serves as a flywheel giving it an almost 'levitated' look without a balance-cock. This helps eliminate the friction on the bearings – apart from that caused by air – thereby optimising the movement's consumption of energy.

Click on the video to have a good look at the new Freak NeXt.

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