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Fast Paced: We explore how the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport heightens to the brand’s legacy of tactile watches

It was in 1999 that Tissot first showcased its tactile watches. Now, 25 years later, the brand has created a new generation touch-screen solar-powered watch that caters to sport enthusiasts.

If you are someone who loves high-octane running, cycling, and hiking, and prefers to have a smartwatch on your wrist while doing so, then this one’s for you. The latest in the Indian market is the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport, a watch packed with sports and well-being functions that aim to provide a 360° approach to tracking an active lifestyle. 

But this isn’t anything new to Tissot - the brand has been focusing on tactile watches since 1999 when it introduced the world’s first digital watch with a touchscreen - the first generation T-Touch. It had impressive features like thermometer, altimeter, barometer, and compass. Driving these and the timekeeping functions was the ETA signed calibre E40.301. The watch was path-breaking, and so were the ones that followed it.

The pushers allow you to scroll through the activities and features in addition to the AMOLED touchscreen

The line evolved in keeping with the requirements of its customers. Developments saw the T-Touch Expert (with 15 features for outdoor adventures), T-Touch Trekking (for hiking), T-Touch Expert Pilot (for aviators), and T-Touch Classic (a digital dress watch). Then came solar-driven watches that harnessed the power of the sun to keep the watch running for months. There was the T-Touch Expert Solar that was nominated for GPHG 2014, followed by T-Touch Expert Solar II from 2017, and the 47mm T-Touch Connect Solar, launched in 2020. The introduction of the solar charging feature into the new T-Touch Connect Sport set a new benchmark in the line.

The case is crafted with titanium and ceramic

The latest T-Touch Connect Sport takes the line further, with a refined 43mm case that makes it unisex. A robust material is a must for an outdoor watch and hence the case is crafted with titanium and ceramic, and finished with brushing and polishing. Available in three colours - titanium, black PVD, or rose gold PVD, colour options extend to the ceramic bezel and the five different silicone straps that can also be changed for a titanium bracelet through the quick release system.

You can set and monitor your daily goals in the T-Touch Connect Sport

The dial is topped by a robust sapphire glass integrated with an AMOLED screen towards the bottom of the dial, which allows the functions of the watch to be controlled by touch. The display, a bit small, takes a little getting used to, though, the features can also be controlled via the pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock. There are three hands for hour, minute, and seconds which glow in the dark, thanks to the combined efficiency of photovoltaic cells and Super-LumiNova®. 

The combination of photovoltaic cells and Super-LumiNova® helps read time in the dark

There are two highlight features of this watch are ‘Workouts’ and ‘Stats’, and can be accessed on your phone, with the ‘Tissot Connected’ app that can be downloaded from app stores in all Android, iOS, and Harmony devices. This makes tracking and reviewing your outdoor progress more deeply, convenient. 

The ‘Tissot Connected’ app lets you manage everything on your phone

You can select from running, cycling, workout, and hiking, and the watch starts tracking and displaying your distance, speed, heart rate, and calorie consumption. 
You can select from four activities in the watch—running, cycling, workout, and hiking activities—and based on the activity, the watch starts tracking and displaying your data for distance, speed, heart rate, and calorie consumption. You can further go through your session, check the progress, and get analysis with performance graphs through the app on your phone which is connected with the watch via bluetooth.

The watch also notifies you on incoming calls and messages, alarms, active timers, and reminders. There’s also a feature for dual time zones with Time 1 and Time 2, which you can switch between while travelling. The hands reposition themselves at 10:10 when either of the pushers are pressed, and the AMOLED screen displays the day and date.

The watch keeps track of your calories during each activity

There are two driving forces behind the T-Touch Connect Solar – the quartz movement and SwALPS operating system. The battery is connected to solar cells that keep it recharged for months. 
There are two driving forces behind the T-Touch Connect Solar – the first is the quartz movement and the other is the “SwALPS” — Swiss Autonomous Low Power Operating System. The battery is connected to solar cells that keep it recharged for months. The watch runs for up to 6 months in standard connected mode and up to 3 months in sports connected mode. 

There’s also the eco mode to extend the battery life. However the watch doesn’t display the current battery life. The other major requirement is the amount of daily sunlight to keep the watch running without an external recharge. The watch needs to be kept in direct sunlight for at least 20 minutes, in connected mode for 35 minutes, and 60 minutes each day for sport connected mode. There’s also the option of quickly charging the battery with a cable that comes with the watch. 

The heart rate monitor on the caseback keeps track of your pulse while you move

Tissot T-Touch Connect is now available for purchase in India at a price of ₹97,000 for the rubber strap versions in titanium. The black PVD and rose-gold PVD models are priced at ₹1,04,000, and the bracelet version costs ₹108,500.


Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport


Tissot SA


“SwALPS” — Swiss Autonomous Low Power Operating System, Quartz powered, Solar recharge


Titanium, black PVD or rose gold PVD


Titanium bracelet or silicone strap




₹97,000 - ₹1,08,500


Produced By:

Chitra Lohani


Sanjay Ahlawat, Kritajna Naik

Styled By:

Varun Rana

Styling Assistant:

Chitra Lohani



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