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Hublot Big Bang Integral

We go in-depth into the all-new Hublot Big Bang Integral. Read all the details below:

Giving us a completely integrated look is the all new Hublot Big Bang Integral. Featuring for the first time an integrated bracelet in the Big Bang collection, the new series of watches are a perfect example of a new fusion – a trait that is synonymous with Hublot.

What does integrated mean? It is a feature wherein the first link of the bracelet is fused with the lugs and the case. Here the entire watch is whole and singular on its own. A difficult thing t o achieve, Hublot does it with much aplomb and technical innovation. The new Hublot Bug Bang Integral embodies the spirit of Hublot by offering it in three of the brand's signature materials; black ceramic, King Gold and titanium.

“15 years of the Big Bang and a new first. A unique, fully integrated bracelet and a redesigned case for a different clientèle. The Big Bang Integral and its integrated architecture have propelled this model into a whole new universe.” says Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of HUBLOT.

Sitting perfectly on the wrist is the 2020 custom-tailored integrated bracelet. This particular bracelet includes three links; one central and two lateral. While it may sound like a normal bracelet, what makes this one stand out is it design. With a sharp style that adopts the ergonomic design of the case, the edges of the bracelet is in tandem with the aesthetics of the pushers on the case. Furthermore, the minute detailing of featured polished and satin-finished surfaces, the bevelling and chamfering of the links – all of this creates an effect of depth and contrast that not only looks great but feels awesome on the wrist.

With the inclusion of an integrated bracelet, the case of the new Big Bang has also been redesigned. While it retains the iconic “sandwich” construction of the earlier Big Bangs, what adds the new flavour id the absence of the composite resin insert. For the new watches, the entire case is made of one solid material. The only surface areas where another material is used are the black composite resin lugs on the bezel and the crown that is covered with rubber for easy use.

Apart from these fantastically innovative changes, the rest of the watch features little to no change. The matte black skeleton dial and bezel are identical to the existing Big Bang 42mm models with a small change of featuring indices instead of the regular Arabic numerals. Beating at the heart of the three models is the HUB1280 – UNICO proprietary movement that clocks in a power reserve of 30 hours.

The new Hublot Big Bang Integral is released in three materials inextricably linked to the history of Hublot: lightweight titanium, hard- wearing, scratch-proof ceramic (500 pieces) and King Gold, a unique alloy of gold, copper and platinum which results in an intensely red 18-carat gold and is exclusive to Hublot.

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