news 24, Nov 2021 09:22pm
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Girard-Perregaux Unveils Eternity Editions At Dubai Watch Week

Celebrating its 230th anniversary, Girard-Perregaux has unveiled La Esmeralda Tourbillon "A Secret" Eternity Edition, a wristwatch employing the Maison’s legendary watchmaking know-how as well as encompassing an array of artistic crafts, executed to an exceptional standard.

This latest creation re-interprets the design of the legendary 1889 ‘La Esmeralda’ pocket watch and references many of its extraordinary refinements. La Esmeralda Tourbillion “A Secret” Eternity Edition will be offered in seven different colour. Now, the timepiece maker is pleased to unveil a new version of the iconic watch, the Laureato 42mm Eternity Edition. The composition of this model respects the lasting appeal of the original Laureato design of 1975, but augments its enduring looks with a grand feu enamel dial. This glossy epidermis will never fade with the onset of years and will retain its showroom-fresh appearance indefinitely.

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The Laureato 42mm Eternity Edition is offered in two variants, blue and green. Each option is limited to 188 pieces. According to Patrick Pruniaux, CEO of Girard-Perregaux, “La Esmeralda is unquestionably our most famous watch and as the current custodian of our Maison, I am always mindful that we should treat such a legend with due reverence. This year, the Manufacture is celebrating its 230th anniversary and we were keen to ensure this milestone did not pass by unnoticed.”

Pruniaux adds, “Already this year we have unveiled several fabulous watches, however, La Esmeralda "A Secret" Eternity Edition is without doubt the most ambitious creation we have released to date. It draws upon our vast knowledge of Haute Horlogerie, in particular tourbillons, embraces several types of artistic crafts and, at the same time, honours the history of La Esmeralda, a watch that continues to exhibit lasting appeal.”

Girard-Perregaux has managed to make the invisible visible by bringing the horses engraved on the back case of the original pocket watch up to centre stage of this new timepiece. Indeed, two hand-engraved galloping horses form the right and left ends of the barrel bridge and tourbillon bridge. The mainplate of this timepiece is made using a CNC-machine, however, once milled, the mainplate is finished to the exacting standards befitting the term ‘Haute Horlogerie’.

The caseback side is embellished with a new form of finishing involving a curved recess between the surface and flank, catching light wonderfully and transitioning from one shade to another. Pressing the crown cover, reveals the secret cover, thus, justifying the name. The movement is made of Calibre GP09600-1506, while mainplate is fitted with a motion-work bridge and marking plate. Both are made from pink gold and incorporate traits-tirés and hand-polished angles, thereby emulating the shape of the famous Gold Bridges. The motion-work bridge is marked ‘secret’. The inside of the hinged secret cover is hand-engraved with various inscriptions, albeit these can be personalised on request.

The expert places the dial in the machine and with one hand rotates it at a steady speed. He or she employs their other hand to press the chisel or cutter against the dial to remove material. The pattern is created by using various ‘rosettes’. The dauphine-type hour and minute hands are formed of pink gold and sail around an intricate and beautifully appointed dial. 

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