news 09, Nov 2018 05:07pm
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Welcoming Royalty: MB&F's LM2

MB&F's Legacy Machine 2 is back in a new avatar – white gold and purple.

Having made its debut and many heads turn in 2013 with the Legacy Machine No.2, Maximillian Busser is stepping into the festive season on a rather royal note with the new LM2 White Gold Purple.

Following the sleeker balance bridges of the redesigned LM2 Titanium, the LM2 White Gold Purple offers a more elegant take on the original industrial aesthetic of the first LM2 with its sun-ray-finished dial plate. The dial has a purple hue which was achieved using the chemical vapour deposition (CVD) process, which evenly coats the dial surface and gives it a multi-faceted colouration under different angles of light — which in this case, ranges from a deep violet to an almost electric shade of plasma purple.

Limited to 12 pieces, the new LM2 contains multiple regulators to create a complex high-precision mechanism which plays three roles essentially – one, transferring power to each of the regulators; two, receiving the individual timing rates from each balance; and three, transmitting the average rate of the two regulators to the gear train, where it finally manifests itself as the displayed time.

Find our more about the piece with the three-dimensional horological movement on

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