news 12, Aug 2020 02:53pm
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Favre-Leuba Sky Chief Date

A classic watch in a powerful green robe

It a universally acknowledged fact that the colour green has been slowly and steadily making its way into our wardrobe of 2020. From dark to sage green, the colour has infiltrated every nook and corner of not just our wardrobes but our life. Favre-Leuba takes this sentiment forward and brings us the iconic Sky Chief Date in a powerful green robe.

A colour that stands for purity, passion and new beginnings, the all new Favre-Leuba Sky Chief date exemplifies it all and becomes the perfect accessory for that classic office outfit or a light summer boat outfit. Crafted in a new and bigger 43mm (it was 40mm in 2019) case with two new dial and bezel colours, dark spring green with a satin finish dial, same green surrounded by the refined 18-karat rose-gold bezel, and icy white dial.

Favre-Leuba’s initial design brief was to step out of the traditional color palettes as Urs Gottscheu, Technology and Construction Engineer at Favre-Leuba, reveals: “We wanted to slightly move away from the previously restrained colors (black, dark blue, grey) and bring in a fresher look. A well combinable colour, which works with a rose gold bezel but also as a standalone with a steel bezel. Wearable every day, not too flashy, but still strong in symbolism and for its wearer.”

Featuring a dark spring green colour dial framed by a steel or a two-tone case, the Sky Chief is a true statement, subtle in style but captivates attention immediately. Available with a steel or calf-leather strap both with a folding clasp and safety bracket to fit every occasion. The Sky Chief Date is a perfect companion from day to evening for a smooth transition into every style

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