Video Gallery 24, Oct 2020 09:28am
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Let's Recycle!

From the sea to your wrist, Ulysse Nardin launches the very first recycled fishing net watch strap. Crafted in association with swimmer and adventurer Ben Lecomte's warning of ocean pollution, the new strap is compatible with its Diver, Marine and Freak watches.

Each year there is about nine million tonnes of plastic that gets discharged into the sea. As Ben Lecomte who is a frontline witness to this mentions, “I’ve seen the impact that plastic has on the marine environment which affects the smallest to the largest organisms.”

In an effort to protect the sea, Ulysse Nardin launches the world's first ever recycled fishing net watch strap. Made from an innovative polyamide yarn fully recycled from fishing nets to weave, the new strap is compatible with the Diver 44 mm, Diver 42 mm, Diver Chronograph, Marine Torpilleur and Freak X watches.

The strap, of which Ben Lecomte is the proud ambassador, is sturdy and 100% recycled. Additionally, the watch also the brand's first 100% waterproof fabric.

Here are a few freaky facts to bring you some perspective:

- Every year, nine million tonnes of plastic are discharged into the sea. (Science)

- 350 million tonnes of plastic are produced per year. (UNO)

- Most of the plastic discharged since the 1990s has not yet started to break up. (Scientific Reports)

- 640,000 tonnes of fishing nets are lost or discarded every year. (UNO)

- 46% of the plastic found in the Pacific vortex comes from fishing nets. (UNO)

- Every year, discarded nets kill nearly 100,000 whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and turtles. (World Animal Protection)

- During the time it took you to read these lines, 80 tonnes of plastic will have ended up in the sea.

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