news 24, Jan 2020 05:01pm
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A Match Made In Heaven

Backes & Strauss launches exclusively with The Rose Group

The Rose Group is excited to launch watches from one of the oldest diamond company in the world, Backes & Strauss at Rose the Watch Bar. The exclusive line of products offered to Indian customers include timepieces that combine the art of jewellery with expert watchmaking craftsmanship. 

For the uninitiated, Backes & Strauss is a company founded in 1789 in Hanau, Germany and is the oldest diamond company in the world. Throughout its 230 years of diamond expertise, Backes & Strauss has evolved from a small diamond procurement office involved in polishing and cutting of high-quality diamonds to a household name offering a range of exclusive bejewelled watches. 

Watches from Backes & Strauss are now available exclusively at Rose the Watch Bar in India. 

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