MB&F’s new Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Platinum has twin chronograph and flyback function

The new Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Platinum features an unconventional twin chronograph that facilitates tracking time independently, as well as a flyback function.
Back in 2022, MB&F unveiled the LM Sequential EVO, it was a twin chronograph and the brand’s first chronograph and 20th calibre. This timepiece was the winner of the GPHG ‘Aiguille d’Or 2022 and had a Twinverter binary switch that facilitated the two timing models independently, as well as split-second, cumulative, and lap-timer modes. The new Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Platinum takes a leap ahead of its predecessor by including the flyback function.

The LM Sequential EVO was the work of art by Stephen McDonnel, one of the MB&F Friends and the creator of 2015 LM Perpetual. Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Platinum boasts the fully integrated dual chronograph flyback system featuring Twinverter switch that allows multiple timing modes. The watch was crafted over nine months of prototyping, with four months dedicated solely to perfecting the flyback function, and six redesigns to ensure flawless operation. A special focus was required on reducing friction to prevent hindrance of the return-to-zero function, for which unique jewelling of the vertical clutches was done and a jewelled roller was custom made. After two years of secret testing to guarantee long-term durability, now, the LM Sequential Flyback Platinum stands with five patented elements.

There are two chronograph displays, similar to the LM Sequential EVO. The left chronograph has its seconds and minutes displays positioned at 9 and 11 o'clock, respectively, while the right chrono’s seconds and minutes displays are at 3 and 1 o'clock. Each chronograph operates independently, controlled by their respective start/stop and reset pushers situated at the sides of the case. For the left chronograph the start/stop pusher is at 10 o’clock and reset/flyback at 8 o’clock. For the right one, start/stop pusher is at 2 o’clock and reset/flyback at 4 o’clock. A new flyback feature allows the reset pushers to initiate a reset and restart if the corresponding chronograph is running. The Twinverter, situated at 9 o'clock, serves as a binary switch for both the chronographs. To put simply, it inverts the current status of the chronograph, if either is in the start status, it will stop them, or start if they are stopped.
Practically, these functions offer versatile applications in different modes. In independent mode, they facilitate multitasking such as timing multiple cooking processes or optimising workout routines. Simultaneous or split-second mode enables precise timing for events, such as a race with two runners, involving two competitors, surpassing the typical 60-second limit. Cumulative mode allows tracking of time when you have to switch between two tasks. The Twinverter helps to cumulatively keep track of the amount of time for the two separate tasks. Sequential mode facilitates timing laps for sports events, allowing swift resets and relaunches. The flyback mode, originally developed for pilots, streamlines timing processes which is crucial for accurate navigation during flight. Combining the flyback with other timing modes enhances functionality, such as tracking overall flight time while accurately timing individual legs.

Driving all of these functions is the manual wound calibre with double mainspring developed by Stephen McDonnel for MB&F. The movement beats at a frequency of 3Hz and boasts a power reserve of about 72 hours. Its flying balance wheel with regulating screws rests at 12 o’clock and uses the Breguet overcoil. Geneva waves, lacquering, and hand finishing decorate the movement.

Its 44mm case is crafted with platinum topped by a anti-reflective-coated sapphire crystal that gives the clear view of the sky blue dial plate where time is displayed at 6 o’clock on a tilted hours and minutes subdial. The power reserve indicator is located at the see-through caseback. The timepiece is water resistant up to 30 metres and comes with an alligator strap with white gold folding buckle.

Images: Courtesy Brand



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