news 23, May 2019 12:49pm
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Record price for Automaton Clock

An antique Jaquet Droz Automaton clock fetched a record price in a recent auction by Antiquorum.

What may have been one of the most exciting auctions for the clock industry, saw the sale of an antique, signed, original “Jaquet Droz & Leschot” creation for over $1 million during the recent auction by Antiquorum.

Engraved by the master craftsman Pierre Jaquet-Droz in conjunction with their associate Jean-Frederic Leschot, the “L’Oiseau Privé” is an extremely rare find form the late 18thcentury. The perfume-bottle shaped neo-classical clock is eight inches high and most likely one of a kind representing the craftsmanship from the period.

The automaton in the gold clock houses a bird at the rear of the clock which emerges on demand from a secret compartment. Th clock's face is a signature enamel dial, encased in various Metiers d'Arts like engraving, painting, paillonne enamelling, and pearl setting. Have a look at the marvel below.

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