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Calibre Conscious

Calibre Conscious

Can you guess which timepieces house these finished movements?

The manually-wound Calibre HUB9005 has 11 vertically arranged barrels which provide a power reserve of 50 hours. The cylinders also display the hours, minutes and power reserve, along with a vertical tourbillon.

Calibre HUB9005

Created by Vincent Calabrese in 1980, the Calibre has since been a cult object for the brand. It was recently upgraded with an automatic winding system in 2011. Given the unorthodox structure of this particular timepiece, the movement does not have a traditional winding rotor, instead the winding weight moves linearly along two rails.

Calibre CO313

This hand-wound Caliber MB M68.40 gives the time in two time zones. It also powers two 24-hour rings that rotate around models of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. An added bonus is the patented tourbillon with a cylindrical balance spring, spinning at 12 o’clock.

Calibre MB M68.40

A long-distance runner, this hand-wound Calibre 2260 is equipped with a tourbillon which runs for two weeks.

Calibre 2260

This hand-wound split-seconds chronograph movement houses a meticulous finishing of each and every component from the lever to the edge and the screw recess.

Calibre CHR 27-525 PS

Two tourbillons in a skeletonised environment give this watch a 3-D look. According to the brand, 1,200 hours are needed to manufacture its manual-wind Caliber RD01SQ.

Calibre RD01SQ

With the manual-wind Caliber L043.5, this particular timepiece which shows the hour and minutes digitally in two windows, was upgraded to become a minute repeater. The repeater chimes the time in decimal fashion, ringing out 10-minute intervals rather than quarter hours, as most minute repeaters do.

Calibre L043.5
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