Photo Gallery 04, Apr 2019 05:42pm
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Roger Dubuis: Manufacture Tour

Roger Dubuis: Manufacture Tour

Here's a walkthrough of what goes on behind-the-scenes of Roger Dubuis' 'dare to be rare' collection of watches.

The Richemon Group's 'wild child' Roger Dubuis' manufacture is located in Geneva. It is the only brand to have all their watches certified with the Poincon de Geneve seal.

The ground floor houses all the machines and tools required to create each and every small part of a movement. The technicians work with various different metal bars which eventually become movement parts like the wheels, pinions etc.

We got a chance to see the base plates for all the movements.

We got a chance to see the base plates for all the movements.

Gold base plate.

Carbon base plate.

The various parts are finely shaped using various types of wood depending on the comfort of the watchmaker.

Each and every single part is then hand polished and given the various finishings and decorations like perlage, anglage, polissage etc.

The brand uses synthetic rubies as the jewel pieces of the timepiece.

The final, finished parts are then taken to the second floor where the assembly, casing and the quality tests take place.

The entire production is certified by Poincon de Geneve.
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