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Rare Watches, 2019

Rare Watches, 2019

Christie's has some very fascination offerings in its Rare Watches 2019 Geneva auction. Here are a few of the highlights spanning from the 19th century, including a pocket watch which was owned by the co-founder of Patek Philippe, Jean-Adrien Philippe.

Epitomising the last 35 years as the company's benchmark grand complication, the Reference 2499 went through four iterations of which just 349 examples were made, coming to around 10 watches a year.

Patek Philippe Ref 2499, 1977, estimate CHF500,000-800,000.

Consigned by the descendants, the property of the co-founder of Patek Philippe, Jean-Adrien Philippe, features his famous design of the two-train independent centre seconds movement and is one of the first ever to be made according to Swiss patent no. 1017, dating May 1889 (estimate CHF50,000-100,000).

Patek Philippe, 1889, owned by Mr Patek, estimate CHF50,000-100,000.

The property of the famous Pop Art legend Andy Warhol, the Rolex reference 3525 steel and gold chronograph is one of the most sought-after models after the iconic Paul Newman “Panda” Cosmograph.

Rolex ref 3525, once owned by Andy Warhol, estimate CHF200,000-300,000.

Saving the best for last, the 36mm pink gold Rolex reference 6062 “Stelline” triple calendar with moon phase and, most notably, the celebrated star dial, is one of only two Rolex models from the period to feature the said complication.

Rolex Stelline, ref 6062, estimate CHF1,000,000-2000,000.
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