news 24, May 2017 06:06pm
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The Excalibur enters the Carbon era

Roger Dubuis – a brand known for its innovative inventions – starts the year on a revolutionary note with the introduction of its iconic Excalibur Spider in carbon.

Always on the lookout for the concept of “disruption” in its timepieces, the Swiss Maison Roger Dubuis takes the emblematic Excalibur line to the next level, by skeletonising the movement, case, flange, and the hands.

This series is said to be in sync with the recent partnership signed between the Maison and the automative industry, where one of the most widely used materials is carbon.

“The 50% difference in weight enabled by this choice of material means a 50% increase in power reserve, raising it to 90 hours for the Excalibur Spider Carbon Skeleton Flying Tourbillon 509SQ. In this revolutionary model, the chassis is represented by the baseplate and bridge; the car grid by the classic honeycomb structure; and the car body by the case; while the tourbillon would be the engine component", says Gregory Bruttin, Strategic Product Director, Roger Dubuis

Ensuring the transparency of the skeletonised movement, the timepiece comes equipped with the 820SQ calibre in a 45mm skeleton case.

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